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Got worms? In your lawn that is. Earthworms to be more specific. These pleasant creatures are actually brilliant for your lawns health and they are busily working away beneath the surface. If earthworms are present in your soil, it means you have healthy soil that contains a good amount of organic material, so there is no reason to worry about them.


Whilst the warmer months in spring, summer and early autumn are the ideal time of year to lay a new lawn, winter is still ok – and there are even a few benefits in establishing a lawn in the cooler time of the year.

General Lawn Care Hints & Tips

Like anything in life, you get out, what you put in. This is true with your lawn, General lawn care and maintenance will keep your lawn looking great and most importantly healthy. We have come up with some general lawn care hints and tips.

Weed Identification

The most effective way of preventing weeds invading your lawn is by properly maintaining your turf. A healthy, lush lawn is the best way to decrease the chances of weeds germinating. We can help you to identify those annoying weeds and offer helpful advice on the best solutions to get rid of them.

Lawn Pests & Identification

Weeds are not the only nasties that can damage your lawn. Insects, grubs and other pests can attack even the healthiest of lawns, and it is important to identify and treat the problem before too much damage occurs. Most lawn pests and diseases will pose a greater problem for a stressed lawn over a healthy lawn, again showing the importance of proper lawn maintenance.