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Choosing Durable Instant Turf for Play and Sports in Australia

StrathAyr’s team is the leading supplier of instant turf for some of the very best sports facilities in Australia. In this blog, we provide you with detailed information on factors to consider before choosing grass rolls for sports, and we recommend the best grass strains for high-impact activities.

How to Pick the Right Grass for Sports 


Before choosing grass for a sports facility, consider the climate. Is the location heavily shaded? Does it receive direct sunlight throughout the day? How cold or hot does it get? The sun, shade and frost the area receives will help you determine the type of grass you need.

Soil Quality

Identifying the type of soil you have will make it easier to choose the right instant turf for your location. While some varieties require nutrient-rich soil to perform at their best, others do well in coastal conditions where the soil tends to be more sandy and less compact.

Level of Activity 

If your sports facility is likely to experience intense activity and impact because of different sports, you may need a variety of grass that has deep roots and repairs itself quickly even after sustained use.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass

TifTuf grass is an innovative strain developed at the University of Georgia over many years of research. The goal was to create a Bermuda grass with a fine leaf blade and dense growth that is capable of handling heavy usage. When it comes to cost-effective, low-maintenance grass for sports fields, you can’t do much better than TifTuf. This strain is very drought tolerant, thrives in shade, has remarkable self-repair capabilities and is surprisingly cost-effective.

Eureka Kikuyu PBR

Eureka Kikuyu PBR was specially developed to address the key issues that arise with other Kikuyu varieties. While Kikuyu grass is famous for its aggressive growth, drought tolerance and strength, the Eureka Kikuyu PBR strain offers a significant improvement. Eureka PBR is a stronger grass with a greater tensile strength that requires lower input than its counterparts. It is well suited to Australian conditions, thrives in full, direct sunlight and even retains its lush, deep colour in the shade and during cooler months.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is a variety that grows slowly but requires very little maintenance. A drought-tolerant strain that can withstand high-impact activities, it is naturally resistant to most common weeds and diseases. Zoysia grass is ideal for sports fields because it grows back quickly and requires less water than other varieties. This type of grass can be bought in turf rolls and is best suited to the harsh weather conditions and coastal soils found in Victoria.

Durable Instant Turf Options For Sports Fields 

Contact StrathAyr today for in-depth advice on instant turf and grass rolls that are cost-effective, easy to maintain and perfectly suited for the soil and climate in your location.