kikuyu grass

Eureka Kikuyu PBR: Low-Budget Lawn Solution in Australia

If you’re looking for cost-effective grass for large lawns, StrathAyr recommends Australia’s favourite tight-budget variety, tried-and-tested Kikuyu turf. With an excellent track record of thriving in Australian conditions, Kikuyu grass requires warm conditions and full sunlight to help it grow rapidly and establish deep roots even after significant wear and tear.

What is Eureka Kikuyu Grass? 

Eureka Kikuyu is a popular solution for planting in large areas because it grows faster than most other turf varieties. It has a coarse, durable texture and requires moderate water usage. Unlike several other grass varieties, Kikuyu turf grows vigorously through stolons and rhizomes, which can become quite invasive to garden beds if not tightly controlled and maintained. These stolons and rhizomes allow this grass to grow rapidly and withstand waterlogged soil and harsh sunlight.

Benefits of Eureka Kikuyu PBR

Recovery from Wear and Tear 

Kikuyu grass is dense, grows quickly, and has a coarse texture that holds up to the rigours of vigorous foot traffic, whether it’s a family backyard with children and pets or a sports facility. It is a fast-growing variety that easily covers bare patches caused by foot traffic in public parks. Contact StrathAyr today for more lawn care tips for Kikuyu PBR turf.


Kikuyu turf welcomes sunny weather. It establishes deep roots and remains lush and green even under drought conditions. No matter how hot the summer, Kikuyu grass can tolerate it.

Vibrant Colours All Year Round 

Eureka Kikuyu PBR loses colour during colder Winter months, although it’s excellent regrowth capabilities mean that it springs back up within no time.

Eureka Kikuyu PBR Lawn Maintenance 


Kikuyu grass is at its best when watered for 1 hour, once a week. This technique allows it to establish deep roots and handle drought and frost.


Kikuyu grass should be fertilised at the change of every season, particularly in September and April. We recommend premium fertilisers that gradually release nutrients into the soil.


Mow Kikuyu turf once every four to seven days for thick growth and overall health. In general, Kikuyu grass benefits from a mower blade height of 20-50mm.

Budget-Friendly Kikuyu Grass for Australian Homes 

When it comes to grass that thrives in Australian conditions, nothing beats the cost-effective and durable Eureka Kikuyu PBR variety. Contact StrathAyr today for high-quality lawn care products and advice.