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Frequently Asked Questions: RTF Tall Fescue, Australia

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, also known as RTF grass, is a type of turf that produces rhizomes instead of seeds. The rhizomes are like stems that run under the soil and spread quickly, resulting in new blades of grass within a short period of time. In this blog, StrathAyr answers some of the most common questions about this popular strain of grass.

What is RTF Tall Fescue Grass? 

RTF Tall fescue refers to the only variety of tall fescue with true rhizomes that result in faster growth. This means that bare spots on your lawn are quickly covered in new grass, with uniform, consistent grass coverage and fewer weed problems.

Does RTF Require Less Water than Other Varieties?

The intricate root system of RTF Tall Fescue grows deep into the soil to draw moisture. This means that your RTF lawn will require less water and adapt to different soil types. Performance trials have shown that RTF maintains its quality even with 30% less water.

Is RTF Tall Fescue Grass Easy to Maintain? 

RTF Tall Fescue is valued for its resilience and low maintenance requirements. After it is installed, RTF grass needs to be watered sufficiently in order for the roots to take hold. It only needs to be mowed once a week to maintain its appearance and, once it has taken hold in the soil, it requires less water to thrive compared to some other varietals.

What is the Ideal Climate for RTF Grass? 

RTF grass is the best way to achieve an all-season lawn that does well in full sunlight and partial shade. Although it needs to be watered regularly, it is a self-repairing grass strain that maintains its attractive, deep emerald-green colour in all seasons.

Is RTF Grass Pest Resistant? 

RTF grass is valued across Australia for its excellent insect and disease resistance. The strain has been specially enhanced for better pest tolerance, making it the ideal choice for gardeners who want lower maintenance whilst also reducing their reliance on chemical fertilisers.

Low Maintenance RTF Tall Fescue Grass Rolls 

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