sir walter grass

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Lawns: The Popular Choice in Australia

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a turf variety that is native to Australia, which makes it excellent for lush lawn cover in all types of weather. This is a grass that grows exceptionally well during the warm months and has a broader leaf than most other varieties. At StrathAyr, we provide high-quality, DNA-certified Sir Walter Buffalo varieties for residential lawns throughout Victoria.

Why Choose Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is one of the most superior turf options available for residential lawns in Australia. Discussed below are just a few of the reasons our customers love this turf variety!

Proven Drought Tolerance 

A lawn with Sir Walter Buffalo turf maintains its vibrant look even during hot summer months. It is a drought-tolerant variety with a proven track record. The beautiful broad leaves make the lawn look stunning, and they allow the grass to thrive in shaded areas with minimal sunlight.

Ideal For Families 

The quality of Sir Walter Buffalo grass becomes apparent the moment you step on the turf. For families with active children and pets, this grass provides a safe, low-allergenic grass surface that easily holds up to the wear and tear of vigorous backyard games.

Low Maintenance 

Although it is a slightly more expensive variety of grass, it more than makes up for it because of how easy it is to maintain. The tight, uniform growth of this grass prevents weeds from taking hold, and a unique, self-repairing characteristic means that a bare patch gets covered up in no time. Whether your lawn is under the blazing sun or semi-shade, Sir Walter Buffalo ensures a beautiful grass cover under all conditions. Grass strains such as the Sir Walter Buffalo grass and only require light, regular mowing once every 10 – 14 days.

High-Quality, DNA-Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in Tasmania 

Born and bred in Australia, Sir Walter Buffalo grass offers a unique combination of aesthetic beauty and incredibly tough, weather-resistant characteristics. It is a grass variety that yields optimal results when installed by an accredited lawn care professional like StrathAyr. We provide customers with cutting-edge lawn care advice and support for residential and commercial lawns across the country.

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