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Sustainable Approaches to Turf Management in Australia

As the world becomes more conscious of its impact on the environment, Australians are embracing eco-friendly lawn care practices that allow them to be more sustainable without compromising on a lush, beautiful lawn. As a seasoned lawn care professional, StrathAyr is committed to spreading awareness about sustainable lawn management techniques for a greener future. Contact us today for instant turf products and high-quality grass rolls.

Water Management 

Although lawns need plenty of water to thrive, there are some tried and tested ways to ensure sustainable water practices. The StrathAyr team recommends planting high drought-resistant grass varieties, such as TifTuf Bermuda grass, that were specially developed to withstand dry, sunny climates. In order to reduce water loss through evaporation, it is important that you water your lawn early in the morning for a long period of time so that the roots get sufficient water and so that the blades can dry out before sunset.

Native Plants and Grass 

Native plants and grass varieties are naturally optimised to thrive in the local climate. They are likely to require less water, fertiliser and pesticides than other varieties because they have adapted to local weather and soil conditions. StrathAyr recommends planting grass rolls of the highly popular native Australian Sir Walter Bermuda Grass. Sir Walter instant turf is one of the most durable and beautiful grass options available in the country.

Natural Fertilisers

Commercial fertilisers may contain chemicals that could damage your soil and plants in the long term. For individuals looking for a more natural option, we recommend organic materials such as compost, turf clippings and manure.

Embrace Organic Pest Control

Using chemical pesticides can have an adverse effect on your lawn. Not only do they kill insects that are beneficial to the ecosystem, but they can also contaminate groundwater and increase toxicity. It is better to opt for natural pest control methods such as Integrated Pest Management, companion plants that naturally repel pests and natural pest sprays that include ingredients like neem oil and garlic.

Low-Maintenance Instant Lawn Varieties in Australia 

At StrathAyr, we believe that eco-friendly lawn management practices can reduce water and chemical usage, whilst also improving soil and plant health through natural fertiliser options. If you’re looking for instant turf varieties or in-depth advice on how to improve the quality of your lawn, contact us today.