TifTuf grass

TifTuf Bermuda Grass is a Sustainable Choice in Australia

TifTuf Bermuda Grass is a cutting-edge grass strain that was developed at the University of Georgia. The aim was to develop a highly drought-resistant turf with excellent self-repairing qualities and the ability to withstand significant wear and tear. TifTuf turf covers the ground with a thick, lush grass cover whilst also significantly reducing water and fertiliser input, making it the most eco-friendly grass variety available today. Read on to find out why StrathAyr proudly recommends this variety to environmentally conscious Australians.

Save Water 

TifTuf grass is renowned for its ability to quickly establish itself in soil. The low water requirements of this grass are evidenced by the fact that it requires nearly 38% less water than other varieties to thrive. It has a deep root system that efficiently draws moisture from the soil and a dense, lush growth that prevents water loss through evaporation. Rigorous testing has shown that Tiftuf turf is one of the most drought-resistant strains of grass available today, making it ideal for eco-friendly Australians who are interested in reducing their water usage.

TifTuf grass has consistently proven itself in drought survival tests, regularly outperforming other cultivars when subjected to dry conditions.

Reduce Fertiliser Use 

Sustainability in lawn care is about more than just reducing water. Most gardeners use chemical fertilisers that are costly and may contain substances that could compromise the quality of soil and water over time. The dense, uniform growth of TifTuf grass prevents weeds from growing whilst also making the grass less likely to experience pests and disease. This results in a noticeable drop in the amount of fertiliser needed to protect and nourish the turf. Studies have shown that under the right conditions, TifTuf turf only needs 50% of the fertiliser used to maintain several other varieties.

Less Mowing 

Most Australians still use lawnmowers that are powered by fossil fuels. Although there is no doubt that mowing a lawn is unavoidable, and critical to lawn health, with TifTuf grass, you only have to mow the lawn once every 7 – 10 days, unlike other varieties that require more frequent maintenance.

Soft Leaf, Drought Resistance TifTuf Grass

Tiftuf grass is a hybrid Bermuda grass used in a variety of spaces such as sports fields, public parks and backyards. It is an extremely durable turf variety that thrives under extreme weather conditions. Contact StrathAyr to find out why TifTuf turf is the most sustainable option for a gardener in Australia.