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TifTuf Bermuda: Premium Turfgrass for Your Australian Lawn

Developed over decades through in-depth research at the University of Georgia, Tiftuf Bermuda grass is an innovative roll-out turf that is easy to maintain, highly drought resistant, and capable of withstanding wear and tear. Without a doubt, it is the premium turf option for residential and commercial lawns. In this blog, StrathAyr writes about the unique combination of premium aesthetics and durability offered by a TifTuf lawn.

Why Choose TifTuf Roll-Out Turf?

Why is TifTuf Bermuda grass becoming so popular in Australia? TifTuf features a sleek leaf blade, deep lush colours and dense growth that is a pleasure to walk on. Despite this delicate feel, the grass can withstand wear and tear, which makes it ideal for sports fields and public parks. It is a grass type that thrives all year round and retains its colour in both cold and warm weather.

Sun & Drought Tolerance

A TifTuf lawn uses 38% less water than other grass while retaining its lush, beautiful appearance. It is a cost-effective turf option for large public parks and sports fields. TifTuf retains its green colour even under drought conditions and does not need to be watered very frequently.

Thrives in Poor Soil

Is the quality of your soil making it difficult to maintain a consistently green lawn? TifTuf grows wonderfully well in clay, sand, alkaline or acidic soil. In general, drought-tolerant grass varieties thrive in well-drained soil.

Wear and Tear Resistance

Are you constantly worried about your grass being ripped up by foot traffic? Unlike other grass varieties, a TifTuf lawn demonstrates a remarkable ability to hold its structure even under intense usage, largely thanks to its deep root system.

Shade & Frost Resistance

The ability to thrive under shaded and frosty conditions is also important for grass. Winter shade is notoriously damaging to lawns, and grass discolouration can happen within a short time. Rigorous testing has demonstrated that TifTuf Bermuda grass is around 50% shade tolerant.

Drought Resistant TifTuf Lawn in Australia 

StrathAyr is the industry leader in creating large grass turfs and functional spaces for residential and commercial use. We use our vast experience and technical knowledge to provide turf solutions capabilities for sports fields, race tracks and more. Contact us today to find out why TifTuf is the best type of Bermuda grass for Australians looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance option.