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Year-Round Maintenance Guidelines for Roll Out Turf in Australia

At StrathAyr, we understand that lawn care can be a complex activity that requires a deep understanding of climate, soil, fertilisers and more. Even the most experienced gardeners often find themselves wondering why, despite their best efforts, their lawn isn’t as healthy as it should be. In this blog, we’ve compiled all our knowledge of lawn care in Australia so you can achieve the lush green roll out turf you’ve always dreamed of.

Lawn Care in Spring: Weed, Feed & Care

Spring is the season in which your lawn wants to grow, so you need to give it what it needs to thrive. Spring is when you should weed and feed your lawn.

Soil Check

Whether you look after a backyard or sports field, chances are that the soil has become compacted due to foot traffic, settling and impact. Spring is the time to aerate soil or lay down new roll-out turf for the year.


  • Check soil pH: if it is above 6.5, use ammonium sulphate; if too low, use dolomite lime
  • Use fertilisers to add nutrients to the soil
  • Prevent weed growth using herbicides


  • Aerate the soil properly so that turf roots can grow deep and attach themselves successfully
  • Check for weed growth and take necessary measures to reduce it


  • Loosen soil so that excess moisture can drain and nutrients can spread in a uniform manner

Lawn Care in Summer: Maintenance

By summer, your roll-out turf should look dense and vibrant. Now you need to maintain it properly. This is the time to fertilise the soil with a premium fertiliser and water it generously.

Light, moderate mowing and application of herbicides will protect your grass from pests and reduce stress during the warm summer months.


  • Add fertiliser
  • Water lawn thoroughly in the morning to prevent drying
  • Mow the lawn regularly without cutting off more than a third of the blade


  • Water the lawn as and when needed, the goal here is to retain moisture in the soil


  • Pay close attention to pest control and use pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds

Lawn Care in Autumn: Fertilise & Aerate

Autumn is an ideal time to fertilise and aerate roll-out turf. This is the best time to ensure that the roots of instant grass grow strong and deep.


  • Apply herbicides to prevent weed growth


  • Fertilise lawn after aerating thoroughly

Lawn Care in Winter: Keep on Top of Weeds & Pests

Winter grass is a notorious weed that spreads quickly and compromises the health of a lawn. Although fertilising instant grass in Autumn will help suppress it, you may need to apply weed control products to address the problem.

June, July and August

  • Mow your lawn once a month and check regularly for pests.

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